How it works

TriMed® is a heat induced denaturation of cells. By using Micro-Pulse Precision Placement (MPP) combined with Anti-Seeding (AS) and True Temperature Measurement (TTM), the method addresses the difficulties using conventional RFA treatment.

The TriMed® method is simple, painless and fast. Thanks to its simplicity the patients can return home or even go to work immediately after the treatment. Under local anaesthesia with guidance from real time ultrasound the treatment electrode is precision placed under full inertia stabilization in the center of gravity of the tumor. During the procedure anti seeding is administrated. A conventional examination room is sufficient for the procedure.

The tumor is heated to 70 0C for 5 to 15 minutes. A surrounding spherical few millimeters thick safety zone is simultaneously heated to 43.5 0C. When the adequate dose is given the treatment is automatically halted.