With TriMed® Radio-Frequency Ablation, (RFA), patients with early breast cancer has the decisive advantage that it replaces surgery and makes hospital stay unnecessary. Instead, the tumor is denaturated through a unique heating technique that works different from current RFA technique.

The TriMed®-Method is simple, painless, fast and cost efficient. Since the procedure is less invasive than surgery the recovery time is much shorter. This also means less use of resources.

Our studies shows that treatment by using TriMed® the cost can be reduced by 50 % compared to surgery


• Image analysis
• Fine-needle-aspiration cytology and DNA-analysis
• Local heat treatment
The patient is cured and can leave the hospital after one hour

Treatment today

• Image analysis
• Tissue sampling
• Pathological examination
• Surgical removal of the breast tumor
• Sick-leave
• After-care, chemotherapy, radiotherapy