Promising results

– So far, the results have been very promising, says Lars Löfgren, senior doctor in surgery at Capio S: t Görans Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden, who is one of the investigators in the studies.

– The treatment with TriMed® is very gentle to the women. The method is painless and quick and the women can go home immediately. Since they do not have to stay in the hospital and do not need sick leave afterwards, it means great resource gains for the society. The procedure does not require operating room or anesthetists.

However, Dr Lars Löfgren points out that it is crucial to find out which women are suitable for treatment.

– The tumor must not be larger than 2 cm. Nor should it have diffuse limits. The tumor must be well defined and and clearly seen using image diagnostics. As these are early clinical studies and you have to follow regular treatment, women needed excision of the heat treated tumor. But the studies show amazing results. In one of the studies we added image diagnostics with MRI, besides ultrasound, Lars Löfgren explains. After in average 5 years follow up none of the total 49 patients with early breast cancer had developed recurrence.