The leadership team is a unique blend of science, medical and R&D expertise. It includes experienced executives with a track record of bringing complex solutions to market.

Gert Auer, COB (Chairman of the board)

Professor in oncology-pathology at the Karolinska institutet.

Gert is a world leading researcher in cancer diagnostics and treatment and is well-known for his work.

He has published more than 400 original scientific articles and is connected to the scientific community worldwide.

Agneta Franksson, Acting Board Member

MBA from Uppsala University and a MSc in electrical and biomedical engineering from the Royal institute of Technology.

Agneta has experience from two managing director positions and has a combination of skills within research, product/service development and international complex sales and marketing.

She has a long experience from sales & marketing and have a large network from cooperation within the healthcare.

Hans Herdensjö, CEO (Chief executive officer)

Electronics and control Engineer from the Technische Hochschule in Darmstadt, GE. Management and marketing.

Hans works as an entrepreneur for different customer projects and has international experience in the dental and medical market since 1975 and has been running different start-up companies in the ICT business since 1988.

He was one of the co-founders of SpaceNet AB which developed and produced a pay-tv-system for the City of Stockholm today ComHem.

Peter Fagerlin, CDO (Chief design officer)

MSc EE at the Royal Institute of Technology KTH.

Peter has a deep knowledge of hardware design and production technology with a primary focus on developing products and systems with Radio Frequency has a has deep knowledge of technology.

He has been running several companies since 1978, with 1- 20 employees. He founded SpaceNet AB which developed and assembled a pay-TV-system for 250.000 subscribers.

Rickard Söderqvist, Senior Project Manager

MSc EE at the Royal Institute of Technology KTH.

Rickard has a deep knowledge in product development. He is an entrepreneur with long experience, working with development and innovations of products within telecommunication, broadband, Radio and other electronics.

He has been running several companies and has 8 different patents. Working as electronic designer, system specifications, Project manager both HW and SW, Managing Director, CTO.

He has been working in International companies and has long experience of working with international projects.