Every year, approximately 1.68 million women around the world receive a breast cancer diagnosis. It makes it the most common form of cancer in women, both in the more and in the less developed world. However the incidence rates vary nearly four-fold across the world regions, with rates ranging from 27/100 000 in Middle Africa and Eastern Asia to 92/100 000 in North America.

The incidence of breast cancer is increasing. One contributing factor is the increase of average life expectancy, which at least in the less developed countries, is rapidly prolonged.

More than one type of breast cancer

From comprehensive research we know that there are two main types of breast cancer; low risk tumors which develop very slow and high risk tumors which rapidly develop into aggressive cancer with the ability to spread to other organs.

Research shows clearly that low risk tumors account for more than half of all breast cancer and are mostly affecting older women. A substantial part of these patients are currently exposed to overtreatment which is stressful for patients and costly for the society.

Surgery the main option today

Today surgery is the main option for women with breast cancer. Depending on the type of breast cancer and how far it has advanced, additional types of treatments might be needed either before surgery or after surgical consideration and treatment decision is mainly based on the TNM-status (tumor size, lymph node status,distant metastasis.)

The TriMed® method is ideal for patients with unifocal and and locally growing early breast cancer.