Margaret Nordell’s breast cancer was detected in a mammogram screening. Since the tumor was small and counted as a low-risk tumor, she was asked if she wanted to take part in a study testing a new treatment, known as RFA ablation.

– Since it was a pilot study I knew I would not let go of surgery. But I have a daughter and if she also one day will suffer from breast cancer, I hope in a future that she doesn´t need surgery.

Margareta Nordell did not experience ablation treatment as unpleasant.

– It did not hurt either when they penetrated the needle, even though it was relatively thick, or during treatment. I got local anaesthesia in my chest. The procedure took about 10 minutes. And all in all I was in the hospital for approximately half an hour. Afterwards I went home. The only trouble I had was that the breast became a little blue, like a bruise. But it was never painful.

Margareta Nordell says she took a whole day off from work during RFA treatment day.

– It was really unnecessary. I could have gone back to work after treatment. I was not even tired. And I did not need any sick leave.

Two to three weeks after ablation, Margareta Nordell was operated just as planned since she was in a study.

– Compared with ablation, surgery was a much larger procedure. When you undergo surgery you need to fast and be at the hospital early in the morning so the doctors can prepare you for anaesthetics. After surgery I had to stay in the hospital.

Margareta Nordell recalls that she was tired and in pain. Today she still has a scar in her breast.

– Getting a breast cancer diagnosis is for the most part a shock. The whole life turns upside down. Besides being worried having cancer. You are also worried about surgery. Ablation means less worry, says Margareta Nordell.